Mick jones 1989

Album Information

Released: 1989

Mick Jones is singer-songwriter Mick Jones's self-titled debut/studio album, released in 1989. Jones is one of the original members of the group Foreigner. The album was Mick Jones' only solo release.

Released on Atlantic Records, this album included Billy Joel and Carly Simon as guest singers. Joel sang with Jones on the song "Just Wanna Hold" and Simon sang with Jones on the songs "That's the Way My Love Is" and "Write Tonight". It is widely believed that the co-composer "M. Phillips" on the track "Just Wanna Hold" is a pseudonym of Mick Jagger.

Song List

Title Genres Moods Themes

4 Wheels Turnin'

metal aggressive and energetic badboy and speed


ballad melancholy breakup and love lost

Everything That Comes Around

ballad reflective and sad love lost

Johnny (Part 1)

rock melancholy and sad heroes, sacrifice, and war

Just Wanna Hold

metal energetic and passionate attraction and desire

Save Me Tonight

rock passionate and romantic loneliness

That's the Way My Love Is

ballad and rock romantic and sentimental hope, love lost, and perseverance

The Wrong Side of the Law

rock melancholy and sad badboy, loneliness, and trouble

Write Tonight

rock melancholy and sad hope, loneliness, and love lost

You Are My Friend

rock dreamy and happy attraction, loyalty, and understanding