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Artist: Foreigner

Writer(s): Mick Jones

Album: 4

ISRC #: US-AT2-06-10563

Duration: 00:04:11

Genres: metal ,  rock

Moods: angry ,  energetic ,  fearful

Themes: breakup ,  Top 30 ,  loneliness ,  shortsightedness


Break It Up
The fourth single taken from the album 4 by the Foreigner, and the first to feature a B-side that was not available on one of their albums, a live version of their hit, "Head Games." The tune has a more melodic, slightly ballad-oriented sound mixed with their traditional hard rock. It reached number 26 in the U.S. charts where the album, 4 had already gone to number one, eventually selling more than six-times platinum. 
Lyric highlights
Made myself a prisoner
I locked myself away
Can't remember the last time
I saw the light of day
Don't want to face life
Feel I've been betrayed
I want you tell me
Where our love went astray

So can't you wait one more minute
Why can't you wait one more day
Let's get it straight
'Cause it's a big mistake
So let's think about it
I don't want to break it up
Why do we have to break it up?
Never ever want to break it up oh no
I only wanna make it up tonight