Head games


Artist: Foreigner

Writer(s): Mick Jones & Lou Gramm

Album: Head Games

ISRC #: US-AT2-06-10559

Duration: 00:03:37

Genres: country ,  rock

Moods: aggressive ,  energetic

Themes: trouble ,  badboy ,  Top 30 ,  dangerous


Dirty White Boy
It was the first single taken from Foreigner's third studio album, Head Games (1979). Jones has claimed that the song was about Elvis Presley, adding that "he always was that dirty white boy who changed the shape of music completely. It was talking about the kind of heritage that he left, and I think that had an effect on all the musicians that came after, like Mick Jagger - he was also a dirty white boy. Elvis paved the way for all that."
Lyric highlights
Are you worried what your friends see
And will it ruin your reputation loving me?
'Cause I'm a dirty white boy, a dirty white boy, a dirty white boy